What’s So Great About Spring?

Services About Portfolio Newsletter Contact X Hello there, I hope this finds you well! I am sooo excited that it’s April because it means that HomeSense, Indigo and the Pottery Barn have loads of bunnies! In addition, April means the winter is behind us (hopefully). Hooray! I don’t know about you, but I feel a […]

What’s an Apocaloptimist?

Hello there, I hope this finds you well! How are you feeling with all of the latest and greatest news these days? At the end of 2021, someone said “I can’t wait to get 2021 behind me. 2022 is going to be so much better!” My instinct said “hold onto your hat sister, 2022 is […]

I love Ottolenghi & More…

Hello there, Thank you so much to all of you who sent kind feedback after my first newsletter! Many of my New Year’s resolutions have already entered the Quitters’ Club, but this newsletter is staying! Curious, have you kept any of your resolutions? (not intended to incite any guilt : ) I just can’t bring […]

What’s Pretty?

Hello there, I know, I know, I’m being cliché and starting the New Year with the “new resolution” of creating a newsletter. This is unchartered territory for me, so please bear with me as I figure it out. Since the dreaded C, I shall not even utter the name of said virus, I haven’t seen […]