Marketing Materials

Ontario Hospital Association

Development of a consistent visual language for multi-year OHA materials.
Over the course of 6 years (while at q30 design), I worked with OHA on numerous projects, including the development of a brand architecture that creates an instantly recognizable visual language. The application included materials for the education department: brochures, signs, catalogues and trade show booths. I also created materials for their membership department: welcome packages, e-blasts and brochures for their. In addition, I lead training sessions for the OHA team to educate them about how to be their own brand stewards.

Representing 151 public hospitals, The Ontario Hospital Association (OHA) assumes a leadership role to safeguard patients and ensure a results-oriented system through services delivered by its members.


trade show display



banner for education division of OHA

course catalogue for education division of OHA

Custom print package for new OHA members